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Database of research, theses and relevant publications produced by FIsme.
Abstracts and electronic documents of many of these publications are available at this library and related links.
Select Publications

Webb, D. C., van der Kooij, H., & Geist, M. (2011). Design Research in the Netherlands: Introducing Logarithms using Realistic Mathematics Education. Journal for Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 2(1), 47-52. [online pub.* >>]

Nes, F.T. van (2009).Young children's spatial structuring ability and emerging number sense. Utrecht: Freudenthal instituut, 360 pp. [online pub.* >>]

Heuvel-Panhuizen, M. van den & Treffers, A. (2009). Mathe-Didactical Reflections on Young Children’s Understanding and Application of Subtraction-Related Principles. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 11, pp. 102-112. [online pub.* >>]

Webb, D. C. (2009). Designing professional development for assessment. Educational Designer, 1(2), 1-26. [online pub.* >>]

Doorman, L.M. & Gravemeijer, K.P.E. (2009). Emergent modeling: discrete graphs to support the understanding of change and velocity. ZDM Mathematics Education, 14(1-2), pp. 199-211. [online pub.* >>]

Heuvel-Panhuizen, M. van den (2008). Learning From Didactikids: An Impetus for Revisiting the Empty Number Line. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 20(3), pp. 6-31. [online pub.* >>]

Doorman, L.M. & Maanen, J. van (2008). A historical perspective on teaching and learning calculus. Australian Senior Mathematics Teacher, 22(2), pp. 4-14. [online pub.* >>]

Bakker, A., Kent, P., Derry, J., Noss, R. & Hoyles, C. (2008). Statistical inference at work: Statistical process control as an example.Statistics Education Research Journal, 7(2), pp. 130-146. [online pub.* >>]

Sembiring, R.K., Hadi, S. & Dolk, M.L.A.M. (2008). Reforming mathematics learning in Indonesian classrooms through RME. ZDM Mathematics Education, 40(6), pp. 927-939. [online pub.* >>]

Eerde, H.A.A. van, Hajer, M. & Prenger, J. (2008). Promoting mathematics and language learning in interaction. In: J. Deen, M. Hajer & T. Koole (Eds.), Interaction in two multicultural mathematics classrooms. Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion, Amsterdam: Aksant, pp. 31-68. [online pub.* >>]

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