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RME2 Conference, October 12 - 14, 2009
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Online Proceedings
Welcome and opening David Webb / Henk van der Kooij  
 Keynote 1
Related Articles
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Parallel Sessions 1
Technology Elementary level
Mieke Abels:
Parallel Sessions 2
Middle School level
Peter Boon:
Development of internet based software in a RME context

Boon, P. (2009). A designer speaks. Educational Designer, 1/2.
Keynote 2a
Keynote 2b
David Webb / Henk van der Kooij:
Related Articles
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Monday, October 12
Tuesday, October 13
 Keynote 3
Lorrie Shepard: Formative assessment 
Parallel Sessions 3
Mieke Abels / Willem Uittenbogaard:
Columnwise algorithms 
Middle grades
Truus Dekker / Meg Meyer: RME and formative assessment: What makes for a good problem?
Dekker, T. & M. Meyer. A pyramid full of problems
Dekker, T. & M. Meyer. Sample problems
Technology/High School level
Peter Boon & Fred Peck:
Development of internet based software in a RME context
Parallel Sessions 4
High school / UG
Jan de Lange: Designing PISA items: a challenge to think about 
Keynote 4
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Marrongelle, K. & C. Rasmussen. Meeting New Teaching Challenges: Teaching Strategies that Mediate between All Lecture and All Student Discovery.

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Wednesday, October 13
 Keynote 5
Parallel Sessions 5
Willem Uittenbogaard:
Always 50 percent chance: win or lose! 
Middle grades
Mieke Abels:
Models you can count on
High school / UG
Chris Rasmussen:
The Role of Brokers in the Reinvention Process