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September 27-29, 2013
4th International
Realistic Mathematics Education Conference

The Development of Mathematical and Scientific
Reasoning through Contexts and Representations in
Science, Technology and Mathematics
On September 2729, 2013, we hosted the Fourth International Realistic Mathematics Education Conference (RME4). This three-day conference was sponsored by the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, the CU-Boulder School of Education and the Freudenthal Institute USA.

Since 2005, the RME conference had been strictly focused on mathematics as the sole content area of interest. However, in 2013 we opened up the RME conference to studies in mathematics and/or science education, to promote productive intra- and inter-disciplinary discussions about ways in which contexts and representations promote student reasoning.

The conference served an audience with various roles and interests in mathematics education. As with past RME conferences, the program was organized to address the needs of lead teachers and professional developers; district, state or regional administrators; and university faculty engaged in research in STEM education and/or teach pre-service courses. The content addressed in this 3-day conference ranged from elementary to post-secondary level mathematics and science.
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